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Buying Runescape gold has never been so easy.

  1. Just pick RS3 or RS 07 (OSRS) gold in the menu at the top
  2. Select amount or enter your desired amount
  3. Enter your RS display name
  4. Click “Buy now”

As simple as that! After you pay for your gold you will be directed back to rsgoldmines.com. Click on Live Chat widget on bottom right corner and inform our support about your purchase. Your gold will be delivered within 5min after your order is verified.

In some cases we ask our buyers to provide some documents proving ownership of the money used to pay for Runescape gold. For example, you might be asked to take a picture of your Driver’s License. We only ask a small fraction of buyers to do that but be ready for it. It’s in our Terms.

We accept PayPal, credit and debit cards via PayPal on our website automatically. If you want to use Skrill, Western Union, Bank Transfer or BTC feel free to contact our Live Chat and they will be happy to help you pay using these methods.

Pretty much all orders are delivered within 5min after your order is verified. In rare occasions it might take up to 20min if we are getting many orders at that time. We can guarantee delivery within 24h and if you were not delivered your gold within that time feel free to request a full refund. None of our customers needed to wait more than 1h for their gold so far.

Other questions

There is a small theoretical chance that you will be banned but in our practice this has never ever happened. This only happens when you are buying illegally obtained gold from scammers in forums. Our gold is collected by simple players like you and is legally bought from them.

Yes! We have been trading gold for years and we have built a reputation of legit and fair gold selling website with very professional service.

All our traders are final. No refunds will be issued after your gold is delivered. Use of Proxy servers or VPN networks is forbidden on our website, please do not use them. All in-game content is property of Jagex. We are only a mediator between players.

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