OldSchool Runescape (OSRS) Long-term Investing Guide

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OldSchool Runescape (OSRS) Long-term Investing Guide

May 2019

Long-term Investing

Grand Exchange is not just a big place with wonderful surroundings. Its the place were most of the Runescape players gather to make RS Gold, buy various items cheaply and then immediately sell them for more than then payed initially. This art of money making in Runescape is called flipping. It‘s one of the best methods to fully stack your pockets and usually requires great amount of time in the Grand Exchange, by which you check prices, overcome your competition and buy stock to put them on sale immediately. This is quite time-consuming, so you probably will have to cancel your meetings, skip the frydays night-out with your mates and tell your Gf that she can stop wasting your time, as you have turned into full-time investor.

If you want to save a lot of time, we strongly suggest choosing another method, which in Runescape is called investing. You can do it short-term and long term. This artickle will point the main differences between long-term and short-time investing and will help you understand both of these methods much better.

While short-term investors look for immediate success and hope to stock their pockets in the next couple of days, long-term investors share a wider perspective of things and are looking for long-term potential. It‘s up to you to choose which of these perspectives are more appealing to you. But be prepared, because if you choose the latest, rewards won‘t be reachable to you immediately. Buckle up, you‘re in for a long ride. But believe me, you won‘t be dissapointed.

Long-term potential could force you waiting for an upcoming patch that will make your chosen item more attractive than usual. It also could mean, that you would need to wait for some sort of upcoming event, which would make your item exclusively used in it, which would also raise its price and make it more expensive.

Please note that long-term investors shouldn’t be buying items that suddenly becomes cheaper than in was in a long time and expect their value to rise in the nearest future. Usually, there’s a good reason why such items dropped in price. Never buy them without properly understanding that reason. Unless – YOLO.

If you want to be a pro at that, you must understand that long-term investment options could be influenced by several different factors.

First, you should avoid any item that can be farmed with a bot. Such items usually are in way more supply than demand, which often results in a major drop in price. Okay, but let‘s imagine that you ignore this fact that do it anyway. In this case, you have to hope on one possible outcome – that suddenly Jagex bans the bots, which would result in the supply of that item becoming lowered and allowing the price to normalize as a result. If you are a good business man, you shouldn‘t ever be depending on other people and unfortunately, this strategy would make you behaving just like that.

Second, you should always remember about standart 4 hours buying limit, which directly affects your potential profit margin. Imagine that your margin is 10k gold and you can buy ten items per 4 hours. Its not a rocket science, so you should understand that the profit is not worth your hard effort.

Another important matter to consider is that the patches may not always for in your side, which can result in your items being less relevant than before. Imagine this nightmare – you invest 200 million Runescape Gold to buy a lot of armours and then suddenly Jagex removes all of them from game, making players running around naked. But it‘s easy to avoid this – you just have to regularly follow Runescape newsfeed to conctantly check what changes they are planning to make to influence the market. Make any movements accordingly.

The last but not least – be prepared to sell of your stock if you have to. Maybe you choose to invest in some rare item, that nobody has ever heard about. Maybe your insights are a worderful gifts and the miraculous profit margins are waiting for you just around the corner. Sounds amazing, but what happens if you would need that precious gold for something else? If you can’t sell your stuff quickly, your hands will be tied behind your back. Avoid such situations at all costs.

Long-term investing is a perfect way to supplement your flipping. It‘s also a perfect combination between making a great profit and putting minimal effort in achieving it. However, in order to master this method, you would require great insights of the market and and amazing Runescape knowledge in general. It does take advanced understanding of the market and superb RuneScape knowledge in general. Please remember that we suggest this option only to experienced RS players.

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