OldSchool Runescape (OSRS) Active vs. Passive Flipping

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OldSchool Runescape (OSRS) Active vs. Passive Flipping

May 2019

Active vs. Passive Flipping

Eager to make some easy RS Gold in Grand Exchange? Flipping is probably the best and most efficient way for beginners to do it. There are types of flipping, though, and should awknowledge them. They are called active and inactive flipping. This article will let you understand the main differences between the two. We aswell will let you know about the pros and cons of them both.

Lets begin with active flipping. It’s a way of flipping where the player spends his time constantly logged in to the game, checking prices all the time, cancelling trades if he sees that invalid prices and undercutting his competition. It’s a well developed process, taking up a fair amount of time but offering some great potential profits.

It’s also not very hard to understand how this technique works. You double-check the prices by buying one item, figure out your margin (difference between the price you bought it for and the price you want to sell it for), buy some more of the same and afterwards – sell it all. There you go – easy profit. You may face difficulties when the item you want to sell becames popular among other players. It’s hard to get decent prices, you have to actively combat fearless competition, and your margin shrinks with every undercut you perform. While active flipping can be entertaining when you have some free time to do it, but let‘s just think what happens when you have to go to work or date, or school or even go to sleep? You lose valuable gold, that’s what. Fortunately, there’s a perfect solution this game offers you – inactive flipping.

Inactive flipping is usually done with cheaper items, meaning that you would not always sell them too fast.

Before you start flipping inactively, you should know that it requires more skill and knowledge than other usual in-game activies. Due to typically higher prices of items suitable for this activity, you will also face more risk if you don’t know what you’re doing. You should take a good look at items you’re thinking of flipping inactively and analyze them. Be wary of items, which prices have been rising for a long time, because there‘s a great rewards coming in most cases like this. You should also double-check whether there are any patches in the horizon. Game updates can often drastically change the market numbers.

Once you have an item you want to flip passively, look for some more. A varied portfolio is essential to flipping both in the Grand Exchange and in Wall Street.

Once you know which items you want to use for these methods, you have three possible ways how to measure your pricing strategies. The safest one is buying them for lower prices and selling for normal prices. This is similar to what is done when flipping actively. Your profit margins won’t be as big as you would expect; however, you should still get RS gold you wouldn’t have even dreamed about before, when simply going to sleep or just taking care of real-life problems.

The second strategy is a bit simplier – buy items for normal prices and try selling them for a higher one. This will increase your margins even more. However, the problem is that you face danger on staying with the same items at the end of the day and not selling anything, if you misread what the market it telling you.

The last option is to buy an item for lower than market value and afterwards – sell it for a higher price than market value. This is the strategy for those who wake up in the mornings by saying „YOLO“ and for those, who want to go big or go home (thats a bit confusing, considering that if you fail, you would just keep staying in home).

If you don’t have the time to sit at the Grand Exchange all day and actively flip items, or you just need to sleep sometimes (feel sorry for you), inactive flipping is a good skill to cultivate. Take the time to research the items thoroughly and get flippin’, RuneScaper.

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